• Retirement benefit - multiples of Rs. 10,000/- (credited monthly)
  • One-time lump sum payment or monthly contribution
  • Option to choose your retirement plan
Retirement Plan OptionRet. Benefit commences from (age)Retirement Benefit period
1Year 5510 years (120 installments)
2Year 5515 years (180 installments )
3Year 6010 years (120 installments )
4Year 6015 years (180 installments )
5Year 55Lifetime
6Year 60Lifetime
7Year 55 or  aboveFollowing month to 10 years (120 installments)
8Year 55 or aboveFollowing month to 15 years (180 installments)
9Year 55 or aboveFollowing month to Lifetime
  • Sri Lankan residents above 18 years of age
  • Employee of the private sector, semi-government entity (government corporations/boards/authorities)
  • Self-employed persons
  • Retiree (paying from provident fund or from savings as a lump sum)
  • Private-sector employers (employers can arrange retirement plans on behalf of their employees either as joint contributions or fully by the employer)
Terms & Conditions
  • Benefits and plan ceases in the event of non-payment of instalments for 12 consecutive or intermittent months and the balance/ interest rate to be applied is decided by the Bank
  • On the death of the account holder nominee will receive benefits under the pre-defined terms & conditions of the product

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