We deliver the following services with unmatched service quality

  • Long Term Facilities
    »  Financing fixed costs of the projects (new, expansion, or modification), and working capital, could be accommodated through tailor-made packages coupled with conducive terms and conditions for repayment. The fixed cost may constitute the financing of lands, buildings, machinery, equipment, vehicles, etc.
    »  Competitive rates of interests on flexible repayment terms. 
    »  Bridging Finance Loans arranged as a temporary measure until completion of proper security documentation.
  • Short-term Facilities
  • Syndicate Loans
  • Overdraft facility
    »  Can be arranged at your convenience.
    »  Companies who that are interested in investing their excess funds in high interest yielding instruments are supplied with money market instruments to get the maximum benefit.
  • Money Market Loans
    »  A real time solution for urgent funding requirements.
    »  Provisions are also available to extend the term of the loan through roll out if projected cash flows does do not materialize
  • Leasing
    »  These “finance leases” are available to acquire through the widest lease finance network in the country.
    »  Plant & machinery, Office equipment, motor vehicles Professional equipment.
    »  Payback period is linked to depreciation allowance, cash flow and marketability of the asset.
    »  Competitive interest rates.
    »  Special terms can be negotiated.
    »  No hidden charges and fees involved.
               Contact Relationship Managers:
                             E:    rajitha@boc.lk         T:  011 220 3208, 011 238 9124
                             E:    ishani@boc.lk          T:  011 220 3230, 011 244 7802
                             E:    sampathd@boc.lk   T:  011 220 3219, 011 244 0080

  • Import/Export Financing
  • Undertaking/ Bank Guarantees
    »  Following Requirements are handled on behalf of the Local/Foreign Applicants
         › Issuing of the Bank’s own Undertakings
         › Issuing of the Bank’s own Counter Undertaking
         › Processing of received Counter Undertakings from another Bank 
         › Advising the undertaking to the Beneficiary

    Undertaking/Bank Guarantee could be issued in the form of:
         › Tender Guarantee
         › Performance Guarantee
         › Advance Payment Guarantee
         › Credit Purchase Guarantee
         › Retention Guarantee
         › Customs Duty Guarantee for Imports etc.

    Issuing/Advising/Receiving Letters of Guarantees through well-recognised Banks from all over the world will be of immense help when you strive to expand your business locally and internationally, as Bank of Ceylon has Correspondent Banking.
             Contact : Manager- Local Guarantee 
                                                    E:   crsupport@boc.lk         T:  011 220 3465
                            Manager- International Guarantee 
                                                    E:   crsupport@boc.lk         T:  011 220 3456
All inclusive Credit Packages with CapEx & Working Capital Financing

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