BOC Kantha Ran Ginum Savings Certificate is a lump sum investment option exclusively designed for ladies offering a higher return.


  • Higher interest rate of 7% p.a. (Annual Effective Rate : 6.94%)
  • Available under following denominations
Face Value (Rs.)






Deposit Value (Rs.)






  • Maturity period is 15 months
  • A single customer can apply for multiple certificates

       * Conditions apply

For more information, contact the nearest Bank of Ceylon Branch or call 1975.

  • Sri Lankan resident women above 18 years of age
  • Sri Lankan Non-Resident women holding an employment VISA (excluding emigrants)
  • BOC Kantha Ran Ginum Savings Certificates should not be issued under joint ownership
Terms and Conditions
  • BOC Kantha Ran Ginum Savings Certificate is non-transferrable.
  • Partial withdrawals are not permitted.
  • This certificate matures on first working day after 15 months from the deposit date and non-renewable.
  • The face value is paid at the end of the agreed period and face value may vary due to applicable taxes/levies imposed by the Government of Sri Lanka from time to time.
  • The Bank reserves the right to pay an amount lesser than the face value in the event of premature withdrawal/closure.
  • At maturity, the face value of the certificate (after deduction of taxes/levies if any) shall either be automatically remitted to a Savings /Current Account nominated by the deposit holder OR encash
  • This Certificate is subject to the rules and regulations issued by the Bank, Directions and Guidelines issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and the laws of the country as maybe amended from time to time.
Required documents
  • Completed BOC Kantha Ran Ginum Savings Certificate Application 
  • National Identity Card
  • Address proof (If not residing in the same place mentioned in NIC)

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