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Synopsis of the Financial Statements of the Bank and Group  for the six-month period ended 30 June 2023

Table I

Key Financial Data

For the six-month period endedBankGroup
June 2023June 2022ChangeJune 2023June 2022Change
Rs. MnRs. Mn%Rs. MnRs. Mn%
Total Income261,088231,88612.6265,665235,33812.9
Profit before taxes on financial services14,99827,042(44.5)15,42526,341(41.4)
Profit before taxation10,46521,850(52.1)10,86421,162(48.7)
Provision/ (Reversal) for taxation1,9535,936(67.1)2,1156,026(64.9)
Profit after taxation8,51215,915(46.5)8,75015,136(42.2)


As atJune 2023Dec 2022ChangeJune 2023Dec 2022Change
Rs. MnRs. Mn%Rs. MnRs. Mn%
Total assets4,037,5924,336,460(6.9)4,090,7264,390,769(6.8)
Shareholders fund 
(Capital & Reserves)
Net loans and advances2,082,8992,325,594(10.4)2,110,0062,355,978(10.4)


  • BoC Group financials reported a pre-tax profit of Rs. 10,864 million for the period ended 30 June 2023 against Rs. 21,162 million compared to H1-2022. It is a decrease of Rs. 10,298 million or 48.7 percent.
  • The Bank’s pre-tax profits stood at Rs. 10,465 million in the period under review while it was Rs. 21,850 million in H1-2022, a decrease of Rs. 11,385 million or 52.1 percent.
  • In terms of post-tax profits, Bank’s results as at 30 June 2023 amounted to Rs. 8,512 million compared to Rs. 15,915 million reported in H1-2022, which reflects a decrease of Rs. 7,403 million or 46.5 percent.


Table II

Key Financial Indicators

Key Financial DataBankGroup
June 2023Dec 2022ChangeJune 2023Dec 2022Change
Return on average equity (ROE)6.714.1(7.3)6.513.1(6.6)
Return on average assets (ROA)0.50.8(0.3)0.50.8(0.2)
Interest margin1.43.1(1.7)1.53.2(1.7)
Capital Adequacy Ratio Tier 1 & 2 Capital (minimum required 14.00%)15.615.40.315.815.30.4
Liquid assets ratio (Domestic) (minimum required 20%)32.721.211.4