Our Fixed Deposit allows you to deposit your money securely for a set period of time to earn higher returns on your savings.


  • Sri Lankans over 18 years of age are eligible to open an account
  • Minimum deposit Rs. 10,000/-
  • Period – one, three, six months and one to five years (conditions apply for one-month deposits)


  • Payment of Interest - Please refer to Rates & Tariff
  • Interest payable at maturity for all types        
  • Monthly interest on deposits of one year and above
  • Fixed deposits will be accepted as a security for loans, guarantees etc.
  • Nomination – a person/persons can be nominated to disburse the balance at the death of the fixed deposit account holder

For more information contact the nearest Bank of Ceylon Branch or our Call Centre on 1975 or +94 11 220 4444

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