• To acquire a residential property in Sri Lanka 
       1. Acquiring bare land to construct a house later 
       2. Purchase land and construct a house. The purchase price of the land and the construction cost of the house should be approved simultaneously. 
       3. Purchase a house/ partly constructed house/ condominium unit
  • To construct/develop/renovate a residential property in Sri Lanka.
       a. Construct a house in an owned land of the borrower/s.
       b. Complete construction/ renovation/ extension/ repair of an existing house/ condominium unit
  • Sri Lankans, resident outside Sri Lanka on Permanent Residency (PR) visa in another country
  • Individuals who have obtained dual citizenship in Sri Lanka, irrespective of their residential status
  • Persons aged between 18-65 years and the loan facility to be recovered in full before borrower reaches the age of 65 years
  • Should have a clean CRIB record.
Repayment & Security


  • Maximum repayment period of the loan should be 10 years based on the age of the borrower
  • The loan facility should be recovered in full before the borrower reaches the age of 65 years


  • Foreign Currency deposits or Sri Lankan Rupee Deposits of the borrower 
  • Primary property mortgage

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