Account Opening
Multicurrency Travel Card Applications
Overseas Customers - Application Forms (PFCA/ Online Banking Facility/ etc)
  • Internet Banking New Facility/Original Facility Change Request Form (Editable)
  • PFCA/ SDA/ MERA or Rupee Account Opening Application (Full SET)
  • My Sri Lanka Personal Application
  • My Sri Lanka Non-Personal Application
Offshore Banking
  • Application For Pre-shipment Finance By Way Of Foreign Currency Loans
  • Sub Loan Request Foreign Currency Loans
  • Application For Pre-shipment Finance By Way Of Packing Credit Loans
  • Sub Loan Request Packing Credit Loans
  • Letter of Credit Application
  • LC Application (Domestic)
  • Letter of credit Amendment Application
  • Bank Indemnity
  • Nil Margin Letter
  • Telegraphic Transfer Application (Offshore Banking Division)
  • Packing Credit Application
  • LC Covering Letter
  • Covering letter to be submitted along with the shipping documents for Export Bills under DP/DA
Treasury Bills
  • Personal Agreement
  • Corporate Agreement
  • T-bill investment application(Individual Joint)
  • T-bill investment application(Company)
  • T-bill investment application(Asson, Club, Organization,Society)
  • Letter of request for T bill reinvestment (Individual Joint)
  • Letter of request for T bill reinvestment (Company)
  • Letter of request for T bill reinvestment (Association, Club ,Society, Organization)
  • Real Time Notification Application
Telegraphic Transfers
Tax Declarations
Credit Cards
Online Banking
Credit Cards - Merchant Services
  • Merchant Application - Sole proprietor
  • Merchant Agreement - Sole proprietor
  • Monthly Charges Letter - Sole proprietor
  • Required Document List - Sole proprietor
  • Merchant Application - Partnerships
  • Merchant Agreement - Partnerships
  • Required Document List - Partnerships
  • Monthly Charges Letter - Partnerships
  • Merchant Application - Limited Liability companies
  • Merchant Agreement - Limited Liability Companies
  • Monthly Charges Letter - Limited Liability Companies
  • Required Document List - Limited Liability companies
  • Board Resolution - Limited Liability Companies
Trade Finance
Smart Online Banking - Corporate
  • Smart Online Banking - Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Society
  • Smart Online Banking - Public Company
  • Smart Online Banking - Government, Semi Government
  • Smart Online Banking - Limited Liability Company
Cardless Withdrawals
  • Application for Cardless Cash Withdrawal
  • Terms and Conditions - Cardless Withdrawal
General Documents
Debenture Issue 2023