To meet the following Pre–departure financial needs of the migrant employee leaving aboard.

  • Airfare
  • SLBFE registration fee
  • Visa fees and other relevant expenses
  • Medical expenses.
  • Other legally acceptable incidental expenses related to the purpose
  • Age between 18 -50 years and be in possession of a valid Sri Lankan passport
  • Possession of an employment contract and other relevant documents forwarded to the applicant by the manpower agency with the attestation of the Sri Lankan Embassy in Israel.
  • Holder of a valid work visa approved by the Ministry of Interior, Israel
  • Registration with the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment
  • Should be a Bank Of Ceylon Personal Foreign Currency Account (PFCA) holder
  • Should have a clean CRIB record.
Loan Amount, Repayment & Security

Quantum of loan

Maximum amount : Rs 1,500,000



Equated monthly installment up to a maximum period of 24 Months including a grace period of two months. Interest during the grace period should deposited to rupee savings account prior to disburse the loan



Primary mortgage over an immovable property.

For any assistance 

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