‘3G Savings’ is a novel experience and another ‘first’ in the Sri Lankan financial industry. This unique saving method, ‘BOC 3G Savings,’ allows you to link three generations of your family to save when you shop and spends. 

Now you can save while spending through your BOC Debit Card, by depositing money to a BOC Senior Citizen Account for your parents, a BOC Ran Kekulu or Ran Kekulu Smart Account for your child or to any other BOC Savings Account of your preference. 

When you make payments from your BOC Debit Card, you can choose to deposit money from your expenses, rounded up to the closest Rs. 100/- to Rs. 1000/-.

  • Any customer who maintains a savings or current account and possesses a BOC Debit Card.
  • Minimum rounded-up transfer amount is Rs. 10/- or a Fixed amount.

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