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BOC HR Management

As the largest employer in the banking sector, we offer an inclusive work environment that fosters engaged and empowered individuals who can drive the Nation’s banking sector into the future.

The diversity of the team at Bank of Ceylon reflects the Bank’s commitment to cater to the needs of its diverse clientele. Bank’s HR Policy ensures the establishment of a quality work environment within the institution to maintain a healthy work culture and attract individuals with potential. The Bank is youthful with the median age of employees ranging between 30-35 years.


Organisation Culture

Inspiring | Energetic | Innovative

BOC HR Management

Value Proposition To Employees

Bank of Ceylon’s forward focus is on building digitally-savvy, performance-driven teams that will enable the Bank to be agile, while continuing to explore hybrid working models that ensure the health and safety of employees with a healthy work-life balance. As future leaders of the nation, BOC will focus on equipping our people with the skills on emerging and new technologies.

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Fair working practices
The Banks HR policy is formulated in compliance with local labour regulations and guided by global corporate best practices. Bank of Ceylon has an HR Policy Committee Chaired by the General Manager. Recommendations on overall HR strategy and policies are ratified at Board level. In keeping with fair wage principles, the ratio of basic salary between women and men is 1:1. Our policies entail that employees are subject to a structured performance evaluation with a career progression plan and promoted based on merit based promotions.

Safe Working Environment
All permanent employees are entitled to a comprehensive health benefit scheme, which covers medical assistance and includes reimbursement of outpatient treatment and hospitalisation. The Bank’s HR Policy has a zero tolerance to sexual harassment of any kind. BOC also has a separate policy in place for Employee Grievances. These policies ensure an environment in which women can thrive, as demonstrated by 42% female representation at management level and relatively a high return to work from parental leave.

Opportunities for training and development
The training and development policy adopted by the Bank ensure that all employees have access to equal opportunity for training and development.

Compensation and benefits
Continuous support to employees ensuring financial security of employees by offering a range of benefits in addition to remuneration.

Respect of Diversity
Reflecting the nation’s blueprint, BOC comprises a strong team of employees deployed across of nine provinces, representing all religions, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds. The overseas branch network actively acquires top-talent from the country of operation. Taking the lead in gender diversity, BOC’s staff represent one of the highest female participation in the industry at 60%.

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BOC HR Management


As the nation’s No. 1 Bank, BOC is the leader in the banking and finance sector and continuously seeks individuals with a service-driven mindset, backed by the right credentials. If you see yourself as being part of the team here at BOC, refer our vacancies and apply.

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