Multi-Currency Travel Card is a prepaid Travel Money Card which can be loaded with multiple currencies. This card can be used as an alternative to foreign currency notes and traveller’s cheques.


  • Can load multiple currencies based on the country of travel
  • Reloadable
  • Secured, convenient and hassle-free mode
  • Backup card to use in the event main card is lost/stolen/damaged
  • Non-exposure to currency fluctuations
  • Instant SMS/e-mail updates to notify transactions
  • Free Travel Insurance up to USD 250,000
     Read Travel Insurance Policy (MCTC)


  • Prepaid Card – the value of the card is loaded upfront
  • NFC-activated DI Card with PIN/Signature
  • Can load in US Dollars, Sterling Pounds, Euro, Japanese Yen and Australian Dollars
  • Reloading facility during the validity period (subject to exchange control regulations)
  • Card accepted at international outlets displaying ‘MasterCard’ sign
    Can use for 
    » Purchases (POS)
    » Cash Withdrawal at overseas ATMs 
    » Contactless payments
    » Online Transactions
    » Duty Free Purchases at BIA Katunayake
  • Ability to transfer funds from one currency to another currency in the Card
  • Free transaction alerts via e-mail/SMS
  • 3D Secure Authentication facility for e-commerce transactions
  • Backup Card, to use in the event main card is lost/stolen/damaged
  • Backup Card can be activated upon cancellation of the primary card via Call Centre or through Cardholder Self Care Portal
  • Card Replacement for both primary and backup cards (if lost)
  • Card balance should be encashed within 90 days on return to Sri Lanka as per current Exchange Control Regulations


  • Residents of Sri Lanka who are above 18 years of age 
  • Those eligible to obtain travel allowances when leaving Sri Lanka for an overseas destination 
  • Travelers are subject to exchange control regulations in respect of the issuance of foreign exchange for Travel purposes
Self Care Portal

A Web portal ( is provided to the cardholder to manage card-related activities. 

Available Functions 

  • Inquiry of transactions, balances
  • Transfer of funds from one currency to another within the card (wallet-to-wallet fund transfer)
  • Block/unblock the card
  • Activate/de-activate wallets
  • E-Commerce  activation 
  • Backup card activation  
  • Change of currency priority order in the card

Documents required

  • Duly completed application  (Download)
  • Copy of valid passport - first and last pages  

Requirements when loading/reloading funds to the Card

  • Copy of return air tickets/e-tickets
  • Visa copy 
  • Form No. 1 for Foreign Currency loading to the card (Download)
  • Duly completed Reload Form – for reloading funds  (Download)

Modes of loading/reloading to the Travel Card 

  • In LKR
  • Transfer from accounts (LKR or Foreign Currency)


Limits & Fees

Card Limit 

On providing valid documents, a maximum amount of USD 25,000/- is allowed subject to Exchange Control Regulations and based on the judgment/discretion of the Bank in consideration of travel purpose, period and the country of visit.

Transaction Limits

  • POS Transaction Limit - USD 5,000 per day
  • ATM Withdrawal Limit – USD 1,000 per day
  • E-Commerce Transaction Limit –  USD 2,500 per day
  • Maximum number of POS transactions per day – 10 times
  • Maximum number of ATM transactions per day – 3 times


Please refer Travel Card Fees
(Outward Remittances ➔ Multi Currency Travel card)


Stolen or Loss of Card

Replacement of Card

  • When both Primary Card and Back up card are lost, a replacement card can be obtained from the card issuing branch (*Fees  are applicable)

Online Transaction related issues

  • If OTP (One Time Password) is not delivered, please contact BOC Call Centre – +94 11 220 4444

Dispute Transactions

  • In case of any disputed transaction, cardholder is requested to refer the issue to BOC Call Centre or the card issuing branch

For more details, please contact

          011 2204444  - 24 hour customer service hotline
          011 2203175  - From 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. on weekdays

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