Personal Foreign Currency Account (PFCA) may be opened in the form of a Savings Account, Fixed Deposit Account or Current Account (Without cheque drawing facility) in following designated foreign currency in the domestic banking unit.

                    USD  -  US Dollar
                    GBP  -  Sterling Pounds
                    EUR  -  Euro
                    JPY   -  Japanese Yen
                    AUD  -  Australian Dollar
                    CHF  -  Swiss Frank
                    CAD  -  Canadian Dollars
                    SGD  -  Singapore Dollars
                    NZD  -  New Zealand Dollar
                    CNY  -  Chinese Renminbi

  • No initial deposits
  • No minimum balance
  • No service charges
  • For Fixed Deposit     
    » Minimum value of USD 1000/-or equitant.    
    » FDs are opened only for those who maintain PFCA Saving  accounts and Current Accounts    
    » Fund transfers on opening and closing of fixed deposits to be made only through PFCA Savings or current account
  • For the Current Accounts    
    » Cheque Books and overdrawn facilities (OD) not available


Rate of Interest 

Rates and Tariff → Foreign Currency Savings Deposits

  • An individual including a minor who is a Sri Lankan national
  • An individual of Sri Lankan origin including a minor who is a resident outside Sri Lanka
  • A non-national resident in Sri Lanka including a minor
  • A non-national either on a temporary visit to Sri Lanka or intending to visit Sri Lanka
  • An administrator or executor of the estates of a deceased person, who maintained a Personal Foreign Currency Account (PFCA) with that authorized dealer or restricted dealer until the completion of the administration of the deceased person's estate

Note: Eligible minors will be offered a separate account called PFCA Minor 

  • Life Insurance Scheme up to Rs. 1,000,000.00
  • Permanent disability due to accident up to Rs. 500,000.00
  • Baggage Insurance Cover up to Rs. 50,000/-
  • International Visa Debit Card with zero joining fee
  • Higher exchange rates when converting to rupees
  • No commissions for credit to accounts
  • E-banking facility
  • Instant loan facilities against PFCA balances

For any assistance 

Foreign Circle 
International Customer Service Support Unit

+94 11 220 3859 
+94 11 220 3860 
+94 11 220 3886 
+94 11 220 3887 

+94 707 203203 
+94 707 204204 
+94 707 205205