What is your goal ?

BOC Flexi Investor, is a goal-based investment account offered to achieve your targets in the way you desire. This wish-fulfilling account is known as one of the best ways to save money and realise your life goals and aspirations. Plan your life as you wish with ‘BOC Flexi Investor’, where you can choose what’s right for you. 

Create your BOC Flexi Investor account

Send your initial request through “BOC Apply Online” and visit your nearest branch to open the account.



  • Sri Lankan residents above 18 years of age 
  • Sri Lankan non-residents employed abroad (excluding emigrants) above 18 years of age
  • Maintaining a Savings or Current account in LKR (Source Account) with the Bank is a prerequisite for initial funding and maturity transfer of BOC Flexi Investor proceeds.


  • Flexibility to set your own investment plan based on the goal, tenure and the affordable deposit 
  • Wide range of investment options 
  • Attractive Interest Rates
  • Option to open multiple investment plans simultaneously
  • No penalty for missed deposits
  • Easy tracking via digital channels 
Investment Options

Target Amount 

  • You can select any amount in multiples of Rs. 100,000/- within the range of Rs. 100,000/- to Rs. 10,000,000/-

Period to reach your goal  

  • You can select the investment period in ‘Months’ (12 to 60 months) or in ‘Days’ (90 to 365 days) 
  • The period in ‘Months’ available in multiples of six months (12 months, 18 months, 24 months etc..)


  • Lump sum Deposits  
    AND / OR
    Monthly Instalments (offered under the ‘Months’ period)
  • Lump sum deposits or the 1st monthly instalment should be made at the time of opening the account
  • Monthly instalments should be deposited on or before the account opening date of each month to reach the target amount


Interest Options 

  • You can select either,
    Fixed Interest Rate 
    Floating Interest Rate (offered for lump sum deposits made under the period in ‘Months’ )
  • The fixed interest rate is applied during the entire investment period
  • The floating interest rate may vary from time to time during the period based on market rate fluctuations; accordingly, the target amount may differ.
  • BOC Flexi Investor Account Opening Application
    For Residents 
    - A copy of National Identity Card (NIC). Verify the details in the application with NIC 
    - A copy of address verification document. Required only if the address in the application differs from the address in NIC
    For Non-Residents
    - Copy of Passport along with photograph, passport number, date of issue and validity period.
    - Copy of Valid Visa /Documentary evidence to ascertain the employment

For more information, contact the nearest Bank of Ceylon branch or call on 1975, 24-hour hotline. 

Rates of Interest

Months Option

Maturity period


Fixed Interest Rate

Floating Interest Rate

Interest rate p.a.


Interest rate p.a.



Monthly install. /Lump sum

Lump sum

12 months





18 or 24 months



30 or 36 months



42 or 48 months



54 or 60 months




Days Option

Maturity period

Fixed Interest Rate


Interest rate p.a.



Lump sum

90 to 180 Days



181 to 270 Days



271 to 365 Days



Terms and Conditions
  • Account is ceased on maturity. (Not renewable)
  • The installments and maturity amounts are subject to Advance Income Tax, other charges (if any) and statutory levies imposed by the Government of Sri Lanka.
  • The product features and its operation are governed under the law/ regulations of Sri Lanka and the instructions issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and other statutory body, as applicable.
  • No partial withdrawals allowed. Pre mature closures are not eligible for agreed rate of interest and other benefits.

How can we help YOU?

  1975 |    +94 11 2204444

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When do you need to reach your Goal?

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What interest type do you prefer to apply?

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Retirement Benefit Plans

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