Ran Kekulu SMART Investment is a unique account designed to help your investment grow with your child, empowering them for a financially stable future as they blossom to face the world.

Take the 1st step today and watch your child’s dreams unfold tomorrow.


  • Competitive Interest rate: 2.5% above the Normal savings interest rate
  • Medical Insurance Cover for the Account Holder*
  • Life Insurance Cover for the account opening father/mother/guardian *
  • Scholarships for the Grade 5 scholarships high achievers*
  • Smart Passbook facility to view account balances and transactions
  • Free SMS alerts


*These benefits and the eligibility criteria may revise by the Bank time to time.

  • Parents/Guardian can open accounts for children resident in Sri Lanka, below 15 years of age
  • Standing order from the account opening parent/guardian is mandatory to open and maintain the account

Product Features

  • Initial Deposit : Rs.2,000.00
  • The Minimum Standing order values: Weekly : Rs.100.00 Monthly : Rs.250.00
  • If the standing order becomes irregular for three consecutive times, the account will be transferred to a regular children’s savings account.
  • Higher rate of interest : 2.5% higher interest than the normal savings account interest rate. 
    (Minimum interest is Rs.5/- per month and interest margin may vary from time to time)
  • Ran Kekulu SMART Insurance Scheme
    » Surgical and Hospitalization Cover
       - Cover for hospitalization due to accidents and 12 defined critical illnesses
       - Benefits upto Rs.150,000/- per annum
       - Minimum balance of Rs.5,000/- should be continuously maintained for a minimum period of 12 months immediately prior to the incident
       - Should have been admitted in the hospital for a minimum of 24 hours, including one overnight stay
    » Death (natural/accidental) and permanent disability (due to accidents) cover for the account opening father/mother/guardian
       - Maximum of Rs.2.0Mn Insurance Cover
       - Minimum balance of Rs.50,000/- must be continuously maintained for a minimum period of 12 months immediately prior to the incident
       - The account opening parent/guardian is entitled to receive the benefits for a maximum of 3 accounts opened by him/her. Subject to a maximum benefit of Rs.2.0Mn

    Terms & Conditions
       - Insurance benefits are valid until the account holders are reach 18 years of age.
       - Benefits offered may vary from time to time.
       - Eligibility criteria defined by the Bank/Insurance company should be met to receive benefits.
       - The parent/guardian should be below 65 years of age at the time of the claim.
       - Account holder should be below 18 years of age at the time of the claim.
       - Benefits are paid, if and, when the claim is honoured by the insurance company and the benefit amount may vary based on the nature and extent of the incident (subject to exclusions).
       - Claims must be submitted to the Bank within 6 months of the incident.
  • Grade 5 scholarship Scheme
    2,000 scholarships for top achievers at the Grade 5 scholarship Examination (scholarships value Rs.15,000/-)

    Terms & Conditions
       - Minimum balance of Rs.5,000/- must be maintained in a Ran Kekulu account one day prior to the date of release of exam results.


Conditions Apply


Terms & Conditions

Bank of Ceylon shall change, add or revise any condition/(s) and/or facility offered for any product or service. 

Call 1975 or visit the nearest BOC branch for information on current conditions.