The BOC Debit Card is a revolutionary form of cash that allows customers to access their bank account around the world, around the clock.

With the shopping convenience of BOC Debit Card you can access more than 7000 merchants in Sri Lanka and over 30 million merchant worldwide to purchase goods and services.

  • No fear of overspending
  • No more searching for the nearest ATM
  • Convenience to match your lifestyle
  • 100% security

With the BOC Electron Debit Card you can shop Online or directly purchase goods or services at any shop displaying the BOC/ Master /VISA Electron logos

When you travel abroad

Please activate your debit card prior to departure for overseas use. 
Contact the Manager at your nearest BOC Branch or Call Centre 1975 or  011 220 4444

 Conditions Apply*

Report immediately if your Card is lost or stolen: hotline 011 220 4444

For more details:

  • 24 hour customer service hotline:  011 220 4444 
  • Card issuing: 011 220 4653
  • Card reactivation and link accounts: 011 220 4661/ 011 220 4652
  • Limit enhancement: 011 220 4665 
  • Inquiries: 011 220 4652 / 011 220 4653 / 011 220 4673 / 011 220 4673 / 011 220 4657
  • E mail: 
  • Fax: 011 244 7569

Electronic Banking Unit, 
21st Floor, Head Office, 
Bank of Ceylon, 
No: 01, BOC Square, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha, 
Colombo: 01.

T: (+94) 11 254 2162
T: (+94) 11 220 4650
T: (+94) 11 220 4660


  1. How do I get a BOC Debit Card?
    You can obtain BOC instant debit card from any Branch of your preference/ convenience. Make sure to bring your passbook and NIC with you.
  2. Can I use my BOC Debit Card the moment I receive it?
    Yes. BOC Debit Card activates instantly.
  3. Can I use my BOC Debit Card in other bank ATM's/POS machines?
    Yes. You can use your debit card on any VISA/ Master accepted ATM/POS.
  4. Can I change my PIN?
    Yes. You can change your PIN through any BOC ATM. We always advice you to do so.
  5. Can I use my BOC Debt Card outside the Sri Lanka?
    Yes. You can use your BOC Debit Card at any payment point which accepts Visa and MasterCard as payment networks.
  6. Do I need to inform BOC before I can use my BOC Debit Card outside the Sri Lanka? 
    Yes. You have to activate the card before the departure. Please visit our nearest brunch or contact our hotline on 1975/ 011 220 4444 for the activation.
  7. Does my BOC Debit Card have an expiration date?
    Yes. Expiration Date is printed on the Card. You have to take a new card after the expiration.
  8. What should I do if I lost the Debit card?
    Inform the loss or stolen of your Debit Card immediately on our hotline 1975 or 011 220 4444
  9. Can I link my other accounts to one Debit Card?
    Yes. You can link multiple accounts in one Debit Card depending on the eligibility of the account type by requesting from the branch.
  10. Does linking accounts increase my daily withdrawal limit?
    No. Daily withdrawal limit remains as same with the card.
  11. Can I choose an account to do POS transactions from multiple accounts linked with the debit card?
    No. POS transactions initiates only by the primary account.
  12. Can I change my primary account of the debit card?
    Yes. You can change our primary account for the Debit Card depending on the eligibility of the account/ card type by requesting from the branch.
  13. Will my debit card be blocked if enters a wrong PIN?
    Yes. You have maximum of 4 PIN attempts per day.
  14. What can I do, when I forget the PIN?
    You can reset your PIN by CRM's.
  15. Can I increase the limit of my Debit Card?
    Yes. You can increase the daily withdrawal/ purchasing limit of the Debit Card in case of Hospitalization, College payments etc. Contact our hotline 1975 or 011 220 4444 for limit enhancements. 

How can we help YOU?

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