BOC has extended Portfolio Management Services (PMS) to a range of clients including high net-worth individuals, corporates and funds through BOC Investment Banking Division. We offer tailor-made investment solutions to clients based on the risk/reward spectrum of the securities available in the market.

BOC being a licensed Investment Manager of the Securities & Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka provides portfolio management services to our clients with utmost care and efficiency to ensure the maximum safety of their funds. Our qualified and experienced investment team, coupled with transparency and trustworthiness plays an important role in achieving the investment goals of clients.

By obtaining Portfolio Management Services from BOC, you will enjoy the following benefits;

  • Find the best alternative investments from a variety of instruments ranging from Government securities, Treasury Bills and Bonds, Fixed Deposits, Repos, Debentures, Commercial Papers, Unit Trusts, Shares and Asset-backed Trust Certificates 
  • BOC has access to dynamic financial market information which is not widely available to ordinary clients
  • Hassle-free environment
  • Through diversification of clients' assets, which results in higher returns & lower risk 
  • Tailor-made investment plans to match specific risk appetites

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