• General Sub Loan (GSL)
    Financing of solutions to environmental issues related to projects (waste minimization, resource recovery & savings, pollution control and abatement measures)
  • Technical Assistance Loans (TAL)
    For consultancy services related for solving of environmental problems 


  • Financially viable Industrial Enterprises 

Maximum Loan Amount

  • General Sub Loan (GSL) - Rs. 30.0 Mn.
  • Technical Assistance Loans (TAL) - up to 100% of the cost of consultancy to a maximum of Rs. 1.0 Mn.

Maximum Repayment Period 

  • General Sub Loan (GSL) - 10 years 
  • Technical Assistance Loans (TAL) - 5 years

Grace Period 

  • General Sub Loan (GSL) - 2 years
  • Technical Assistance Loans (TAL) - 1 year

Special Conditions

  • The Project Management Unit of the Ministry of Industries and Commerce should recommend the facility
  • All sub-projects should comply with environmental guidelines imposed by the Government of Sri Lanka
  • Investments in producing or processing of asbestos or other hazardous substances are not eligible for funding under this scheme

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