The Business Revival & Rehabilitation Unit (BRRU) was formed by BOC in 2021 as a special unit which acts as a strategic bridge between the Bank and the customers in order to provide financial customized solutions for potentially viable businesses in a win-win situation for underperforming and non-performing viable businesses.

Key Objectives of the Business Revival & Rehabilitation Unit

  • Create a new revival and rehabilitation culture to ensure business continuity and aligning businesses on a growth curve with the long-term goal of economic stability.
  • Provide all types of financial assistance for under-performing and non-performing corporate entities.
  • Establish proper mechanisms to revive, monitor and control the Bank’s under-performing customers through refinancing facilities on a need basis.
  • Focus on recapitalising export-related businesses with the aim of supporting to enhancing foreign currency earnings to the country.
  • Assist lagging businesses to retain existing employment as well as to create new employment for sustainable growth of the economy.

Business Revival Process Expansion - Regional Level

Fourteen (14) BRR units had been established at Regional Loan Centres covering all 11 provinces to revive and monitor under-performing and non-performing customers with the assistance of a centralised BRRU. At present, the Bank engages with multiple businesses in sectors including agriculture, construction, trading, textile, rice milling, manufacturing and production industries.

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