Business Foreign Currency Account (BFCA) can be opened in the forms of Savings Accounts, Fixed Deposit Accounts or Current Accounts

                     USD  -  US Dollar
                     GBP  -  Sterling Pounds
                     EUR  -  Euro
                     JPY   -  Japanese Yen
                     AUD  -  Australian Dollar
                     CHF  -  Swiss Franc
                     CAD  -  Canadian Dollars
                     SGD  -  Singapore Dollars
                     NZD  -  New Zealand Dollar
                     CNY  -  Chinese Renminbi
                     INR   -  Indian Rupees (only Current Accounts)

  • For Current accounts
    » Cheque Books and overdrawn facilities (OD) not available
  • POD facilities can be obtained as per the regulations
  • No initial deposits 
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • For BFC Fixed Deposit Accounts
           i.  Can be opened only for BFCA savings or current account holders
           ii. Minimum deposit requirements are not applicable for BFC Fixed Deposit accounts
           iii. Fund transfers on opening and closing of fixed deposits are to be made only through BFCA Savings or current accounts
  • Sri Lankan Rupees cannot be converted to Foreign Currency and credited to BFCA

Rate of Interest 

Please refer Rates and Tariff 


The following persons resident in Sri Lanka who earn foreign exchange from a resident outside Sri Lanka

  • Individual resident in Sri Lanka
  • A Sole Proprietorship or partnership registered in Sri Lanka (Higher share of Partners should be residents in SL)
  • A company incorporated in Sri Lanka
  • A company incorporated outside Sri Lanka registered under Company Act No.07 of 2007
  • A State institution (With recommendation from Secretary of Ministry or appropriate authority)
  • An authorized shipping agent or general sales agent in Sri Lanka (With valid license or authorization letter issued by Director General of Merchant Shipping & Director General of Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka)
  • An Administrator or executor of the estate of the deceased person who has maintained a BFCA (Until completion of deceased person’s estate) 
  • A receiver or liquidator in the name of the company that maintained a BFCA with the bank (Until completion of proceedings)

*** Non- Government Organizations (NGOs) are not permitted to open & maintain BFCAs

  • In addition to the account opening applications, 
    Customer should submit documentary evidence including the authorization by the relevant authority/ies, if any, at the time of opening a BFCA to determine the applicant's eligibility to open and maintain a BFCA in respect of earnings in foreign exchange from a person resident outside Sri Lanka

For any assistance 

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