Inward Investment Account (IIA) is a special account designated for eligible investors resident in or outside Sri Lanka to route funds to invest in the permitted investments 

IIAs can be opened in the forms of Savings Accounts, Fixed Deposit Accounts or Current Accounts (Without a cheque drawing facility) in the following designated foreign currency in the domestic banking unit.

                         LKR   - Sri Lanka Rupee
                         USD  - US Dollar
                         GBP  - Sterling Pounds
                         EUR  - Euro
                         JPY   - Japanese Yen
                         AUD - Australian Dollar
                         CHF  - Swiss Franc
                         CAD - Canadian Dollars
                         SGD - Singapore Dollars
                         NZD - New Zealand Dollar
                         CNY  - Chinese Renminbi

  • No initial deposit and minimum balance for IIA Savings or Current Accounts
  • For the Current Accounts        
    » Cheque Books and overdrawn facilities (OD) not available
  • For Fixed Deposit         
    » FDs are opened only for those who maintain IIA Saving accounts and Current Accounts        
    » Fund transfers on opening and closing of fixed deposits to be made only through IIA Savings or Current Accounts
  • A non- national, resident in or outside Sri Lanka
  • A Sri Lankan dual citizen, resident in or outside Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lankan national who has obtained Permanent Residency (PR) status or citizenship in another country, resident in or outside Sri Lanka
  • A Sri Lankan citizen employed abroad, resident outside Sri Lanka (excluding emigrants)
  • A company incorporated outside Sri Lanka
  • A partnership registered outside Sri Lanka
  • Country funds, Regional Funds, Mutual Funds, Unit Trusts and Foreign Institutional Investors established outside Sri Lanka
  • An administrator or executor of the estate of a deceased person, who maintained an IIA with the bank
  • A receiver or liquidator of a company that maintained an IIA with the bank
Documents and information

Eligible individuals

  • The eligible individual person should submit originals of the following documents
    »  Request letter to open IIA including investment details
     Download Account opening applications 
     Download Customer registration application
     Download Know Your Customer (KYC) form
     Download FATCA Declaration If applicable
     Download Tax Declaration If Applicable  

    » Address verification documents. (If the address given to the bank is different from the National Identity Card / Driving License/Passport.)
    » Source of funds proofs (Bank statement with the balance of investment funds)
  • The eligible person who is an individual resident outside Sri Lanka and who could not visit the branch to open the account, should require to forward, the originals of the applications and other supporting documents duly authorized by any person mentioned below to reach the respective branch to open IIA.
       i. BOC Business Promotion Officer (BPO)
       ii. Authorized officials of BOC Branches/Bank abroad
       iii. Authorized officials of the Sri Lankan Embassy


Eligible companies

       ◦ Please contact BOC branch for the required documents and information

For any assistance 

Foreign Circle
International Customer Service Support Unit

+94 11 220 3859
+94 11 220 3860
+94 11 220 3886
+94 11 220 3887

+94 707 203203
+94 707 204204
+94 707 205205