“BOC My Sri Lanka” is a Special Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit Scheme introduced by Bank of Ceylon for customers who are interested in contributing towards increasing the foreign Currency deposit base in Sri Lanka which is pivotal in uplifting the Sri Lankan economy whilst gaining the maximum benefits for their hard-earned foreign exchange.


  • Higher interest for your foreign currency deposits depending on the tenure
  • Available in the currencies of,
    - US Dollar (USD)
    - Sterling Pounds (GBP)
    - Euro (EUR)
    - Australian Dollar (AUD)
  • Initial deposit: Minimum of 5,000 in above eligible currencies
  • Available in 2 Year and 5 Year tenures
  • Personal & non-personal accounts can be opened
  • Interest is paid in foreign currency under following options;
    - At maturity
    - Capitalize to the deposit
    - On monthly basis (only in LKR for Sri Lankan Citizens employed abroad, residing outside Sri Lanka)
  • Automatically renewed at the prevailing rate of interest upon maturity
  • Ability to repatriate at any time

Rate of Interest 

  • Non-nationals
  • Sri Lankan dual citizens, Permanent Resident (PR) holders
  • Migrant employees
  • A company incorporated outside Sri Lanka
How to apply

You can open a "My Sri Lanka Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit" account by contacting any of our Business Promotion Officers or visiting our overseas branches and subsidiaries.

1. Download the application and handover the duly filled application along with other supporting documents and get them attested by 
     - the authorized officers in the Sri Lankan Embassy or
     - any of our Business Promotion Officers (Foreign representatives) or
     - overseas branches and subsidiaries in

Chennai      Male      Seychelles      BOC UK Ltd

      Send your completed application via mysrilanka@boc.lk if the application is attested by the Embassy.

2. Stepping into any of our branches island-wide if you are currently in Sri Lanka

Required Documents

  • Account application form
    - Personal [Download
    - Non-personal [Download]
  • Please attach the following supporting documents to the application as proof of your eligibility for opening an account,
    - Copy of Bio page of the valid passport
    - An address verification document (e.g. residence permit)
    - Copy of visa/job contract/permit or any other document to prove the source of funds
Terms & Conditions
  • Bank of Ceylon holds the right to change, add or revise any features, terms and conditions and facilities offered to the account
  • The product features and its operation are governed under the law/ regulations of Sri Lanka and the instructions issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and other statutory body, as applicable

For more details, you may contact,

International Customer Service Support Unit – Foreign Circle
International Division

WhatsApp/ Viber/ Imo : +94 76 998 1002

WhatsApp/ Viber/ Imo : +94 707 203 203
                                       +94 707 204 204
                                       +94 707 205 205

Call Centre +94 11 220 4444

Email - mysrilanka@boc.lk


Bank of Ceylon Code - 7010

For any assistance 

Foreign Circle
International Customer Service Support Unit

+94 11 220 3859
+94 11 220 3860
+94 11 220 3886
+94 11 220 3887

+94 707 203203
+94 707 204204
+94 707 205205