• Letter of Credit      
    Required Documents      
         Duly filled L/C application signed by authorised signatories 
        Pro-forma invoice      
          Import LC Application        
          LC Application (Domestic)        
          LC Amendment Application      
  • Handling Bills Drawn Under Letter of Credit    
  • Shipping Guarantees /Parcel Guarantees   
    » Shipping Guarantees under LC Sight/DP   
       Required Documents   
        › Duly completed bank indemnity (for shipping guarantee)  
        › Payment arrangement (loan/account debit authority letter)   
        › Shipping line indemnity   
        › Three copies of commercial invoice   
        › Two copies of original B/L  

    » Shipping Guarantees under LC Usance /DA  
       Required Documents  
        › Duly Completed bank indemnity (For Shipping Guarantee)  
        › Nil Margin Letter, Request Letter    
        › Shipping line indemnity   
        › Three copies of the Commercial Invoice  
        › Two copies of the Original B/L  
  • Handling Documentary collections (DA / DP)  
  • Import Financing  
  • Experience online import transactions  
        › Apply online for LC through the “BOC Trade Channel Customer Portal”  
        › More secure transaction through single/ dual control  
        › Online authorization for LC and amendments   
        Online LC status update  
        › SWIFT “Answer back response”  
  • Well established correspondent banking network of BOC gives you an on-time settlement for your import transactions


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