Pay Order and Foreign Draft issuing

  • Customers can obtain pay orders for LKR local payments and foreign drafts for international payments

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T: 011 220 3107
T: 011 220 3120 


Clearing of Cheques and Drafts

Speedy Cheque Realization at Bank of Ceylon

  • Cheques drawn on branches of Bank of Ceylon and deposited in any of the branches of BOC will realize on the same day and other bank cheques will be realized on following day.

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T: 011 220 3124
T: 011 220 3118 


BOC i-net Facility

  • Customers can view their Current Account Operations through the Internet   


Internet and Mobile Banking Facility 

BOC Smart Online Banking (Corporate Version) provides a total online banking solution for corporate customers 


  • Funds Transfer to BOC as well as Non-BOC Accounts
  • EPF/ETF payments
  • SLPA and custom payments
  • Utility Bill Payments
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Balance Inquiry & Viewing Facility
  • RDA Top-ups
  • Insurance payments
  • Statement Download Facility

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T: 011 220 3117 


E-statement facility

  • Customers can obtain an E-statement facility through an Email for free of charge for their reconciliation and audit purposes


Collection Accounts

  • Bank of Ceylon Collection Accounts provides you the facility of collecting payments through over the counter, digital channels and processing payments in the most timely, accurate and efficient manner with latest and innovative tools.
  • BOC can collect funds deposited by corporate customers' clients and process the payments on real time basis enabling online updating of the payments.

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T: 011 220 3103
T: 011 220 3108

Standing orders

Benefits of Standing Order

If you have monthly regular payments, fixed fund transfers, or any other fixed transactions, BOC facilitate making periodical payments automatically

  • Any payment or bills can be paid automatically as requested
  • Can inform the bank how much money to pay and when
  • Ability to cancel the standing order whenever you want to
  • Standing orders are useful for paying fixed expenses, such as your rent, insurance policy premiums, bill payments, subscription charges etc.


Should be an account holder of BOC


  • S/O Application
  • Board Resolution
  • Any other relevant documents.

Rates and Fees (Subject to change as per prevailing rates and Tariff)


USD Clearing

  • Customers can obtain a USD clearing facility to clear the proceeds of their foreign drafts received from their clients. Foreign drafts are cleared according to a schedule stipulated. 

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T: 011 220 3120

 Fund Management

  • The Bank could provide the service for transferring excess funds in Current Accounts to a special Call deposit Account or vice versa on daily basis enabling you to earn an income on excess funds.

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T: 011 220 3107
T: 011 220 3104

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