Bank of Ceylon pioneered the concept of Islamic Banking in Sri Lanka, which is supervised by a Sharia Supervisory Board (SSB) consisting of renowned Sharia scholars and an exclusive treasury operation.

Membership of SSB

  • As-Sheikh M I M Rizwe Mufthi
  • As-Sheikh Fazil Farook
  • As-Sheikh M H M Yoosuf Mufthi
  • As-Sheikh Murshid Mulaffer

Backed by the professionalism and expertise of eight decades of banking, BOC has chosen a handpicked team to steer this strategically important Islamic Banking operation. Funds mobilized from investors are managed through Sharia-compliant investments in a transparent manner. BOC AN-NOOR products and services are available to corporate entities, institutions, mosques and individuals alike.

Portfolio & Products Range

BOC AN-NOOR promises a portfolio of products in the deposit and investment sector, giving you peace of mind of ethical compliance, regulated through a profit-sharing mechanism. Products are common to all Sri Lankans irrespective of faith.

  • An-Noor Current Account – based on Qard, where the bank accepts deposits to be paid on demand.
  • An-Noor Ordinary Savings (Mudaraba SA) and AN-NOOR Children’s Savings
  • “Athfal” based on (Mudaraba – Partnership in profit)
  • An-Noor Foreign Currency Savings Account – Ordinary and Athfal
  • An-Noor Ijara (finance for Vehicles and Machinery)
  • An-Noor Murabaha – (Trade Finance and Term Loan)
  • An-Noor Wakala – (Working Capital and Fund Management)



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